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In most cases, new extension work is pricier than inserting steels. Hide(); ); return false; ); return this; ); )(jQuery); $(“#openPageslide”). Kitchen extension cost in London? Introducing light into the whole house – not just to the new extension but to the hallway and the heart of the floorplan – is a key element of a successful side return. Side side return extension london extensions are a popular way of increasing the size of Victorian and Edwardian houses in London. Since the couple now had exclusive use of the side return, Tynan made the bold suggestion of punching out through the side wall to create a glass. It is important to be aware of this as you’re likely to require a party wall agreement to undertake a side return extension. So, it’s important not to assume that incorporating a side extension is the only way to expand. When a London couple in their thirties decided to upgrade their garden flat in Hackney, it also won them an award. Design for Me architect David has made use of Sky lights in this side return extension to create a spacious naturally lit kitchen. Ours in East London cost all in about 100kIt just kept adding upBuildKitchenDecorating whole house was trashed basicallyFurniturePatiogardenThink very carefully one thing leads to another. How much did your extension end up costing? W London zone 4 - quoted between 45-85k for 4*6m approx not including kitchen. “He’d drawn a glass roof on the side of the addition and two cubes clad in timber at the rear and in the garden facing each other. The new volume is often joined as one by inserting steel beams, allowing removal of the original side wall. Your proposed extension should not cut into this line. One of the first jobs in designing your scheme is to get a handle on how you are going to adapt the plumbing to allow for your new extension to shine. Just been quoted £66k (including VAT) to add 6 metres square to our ground floor by extending into the side return. A side return extension is often joined as one by using steel beams, and this allows removal of the original side wall. Darren came back with a design that would expand the kitchen into the side return and create a separate rear extension and a bespoke garden room at the back of the property. With the right architect, the back of your London Victorian or Edwardian property could be completely transformed. The ground-floor flat got the side return and a small garden; the upper flat got a good-size private garden beyond that.